Cities in Orbit and the End is Near

Ronald J. Fischer


In the late twenty-first century, the world had neglected to pay enough attention to climate change and was in bad shape. The temperature of the earth and the oceans was high and rising fast. The ocean levels were rising. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding were increasing. The world population had reached ten billion and was overcrowded. The crime rate in the United States was very high. This resulted in the construction of cities in orbit, which are very large cylinders that rotate about their axes to simulate gravity. Many people have moved up there to escape the earth.


Book mockup

Bruce Doyle was a bully who hated Tom. One day in the locker room he kept Tom from getting into his locker by repeatedly slamming it shut when Tom opened it. Tom gave up and just sat down on a bench and waited. Bruce knocked him down off the bench. Tom got really mad. He could feel the adrenaline rushing to his brain. Bruce was looking at his friends and laughing. Tom got up fast and swung his fist at Bruce, hitting him hard in the jaw. Bruce went down and didn’t move.

Mary Harter discovered she was pregnant.  “Mom, I have some bad news.  I am pregnant.” “What?  Holy smoke, you’re only seventeen?  How the hell did that happen?” “It was my fault.  I fell in love with my chemistry partner, Tom Stevens, and seduced him.” “Well, the Republicans in this state have made an abortion practically illegal, so you’ll have to have the kid.  Have you told Tom yet?” “No, I don’t want to.  It might mess up his future.  I’ll have the kid and tell him after he graduates.”


Tom was helping out George in his liquor store. Five guys barged in wearing masks and carrying guns. They demanded money at the cash registers. Tom could not let these guys get away. He used the telekinetic force to grab their guns and knock them down. He piled them together in one place. Everyone in the store, including the gangsters, stared at Tom with all the guns at his feet. In a short time, three police officers showed up. They were confused. One said, “who did this?” George just shrugged. One gangster pointed to Tom. “He did it. Looks at the guns at his feet. He has some kind of supernatural power.”

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