Elementary Algebra: With common errors and True-False Drill

Ronald J. Fischer


Students of mathematics are often baffled by their own algebraic mistakes-and with good reason. The common manipulation errors of elementary algebra so closely resemble the actual laws that they can be called nonlaws. Students from algebra one through college algebra and calculus continue to make these deceptive errors.

Elementary Algebra explores the differences between algebraic laws and nonlaws, hoping to aid students in eliminating or significantly reducing the most frequently occurring issues. It offers drills for the student via true-false questions and word problems and also includes sections on the important annuity formula used in banking. With its specific focus on overcoming typical problems in algebraic study, this handbook provides valuable support for students at many levels.

Serving as a supplement for any course that uses algebra, this textbook presents mathematics students with a guide to help master common errors of the subject.

Elementary Algebra_mockup

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