Telekinetic Golf and the president’s demise

r.J. Fischer


Stuart Bryson is a good but not great golfer who suddenly gets telekinesis and uses it to win professional golf tournaments, eventually making a lot of money. He loves to dance and meets a beautiful girl who also loves to dance. They fall in love.

He likes to hike for exercise, and one time, he has to use his telekinetic power to defend himself, injuring his attackers. He eventually reports the incident to the police, but they have reported it before he has and accuse him of attacking them. Since he is unharmed and they are, the sheriff tries to put him in jail. He refuses and runs away. He is now a wanted man.

During the story, it is found that the president of the United States is a fool and does many stupid things. People hope he will lose in the upcoming election. The president eventually loses the election but refuses to admit defeat. He has a large following of White supremacists who try to take over the government, making it into a dictatorship. Stuart and his friends, who have also acquired telekinesis in strange ways, fight them off.

The book is action-packed with incidents causing him to use his telekinetic powers to defend himself and attack the supremacists.

Telekinetic Golf_mockup

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